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Nymble is a boutique digital content marketing consultancy dedicated to a non-agency approach to agency thinking.
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Making the case for relevant content

We value the relationships we’ve established with all of our clients, but we wanted to pull out three examples to illustrate exactly what we’re talking about when we’re talking about driving business through the creation and sharing of highly targeted, relevant and actionable content.

We were extremely happy with the performance on all of these projects. Take a look, we hope you’ll be intrigued enough to consider what we might be able to do for you.

DigDivideIllustrationAdvanced Content Marketing 101
A study on how one of the world’s largest business consulting firms used high quality content as a calling card to drive worldwide visibility of their new take on a retail industry trend. Result in brief: $1.3MM in 4 mos. & 15 new client conversations.

livingdirect-logo_150Full-throttle content drives e-commerce
How a company focused solely on e-commerce made the jump to mature marketer by serving up quality, relevant content to its customers. Result in brief: Huge increase in social following, CTR & press visibility.

aarpthehartfordTurning email consumers into customers
Converting a simple acquisition email program into a driver of sales in a co-branded, national auto insurance effort. Result in brief: 34% increase in sales.