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Nymble is a boutique digital content marketing consultancy dedicated to a non-agency approach to agency thinking.
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It’s not ALL about shopping


The Ask
Develop and execute a content and PR program designed to build visibility of a successful brand and its several and divergent sub-brands. The brand had a successful online e-commerce business despite never having had a mature marketing effort. The challenge was to raise the stakes and take this brand to a new level as far as national visibility, virality and eventually, sales.

Program success was based on increased and regular visibility in the national market.

The Task
Nymble designed a program that would get the brand name out to relevant audiences using original content. Components included:

Creation of multiple learning center blogs. When the project began, there was only a single blog with all sub-brands lagging in traffic and interest beside the Compact Appliance brand. Nymble created unique blogs for each brand and established an editorial calendar for each.

Increased activity on social media networks. At inception, each brand had a social network, but very little activity due to limited bandwidth at the client level. Nymble created an editorial calendar for each brand’s networks designed to feed the content machine and drive interest.

Optimization of the brand email program. Like the blog effort, when the project began, there was basically only one Living Direct branded email newsletter. Nymble created newsletters for each, optimized the list and established guidelines for list hygeine. This all in an effort to drive relevance with consumers and strike a blow for increased engagement.

PR/Publicity program. When the program began, there was virtually no PR program at all. Nymble engaged with media outlets, review sites, relevant regional and national events, sweeps and giveaways (Philly Beer week, Beer Mile World Championship, several wineries, tiny-house advocates &c.) to gain traction for all relevant brands.

The Result

  • Increased social media likes and follows by a factor of 8 to 10 for all brands.
  • Increased email subscriptions by a factor of 8 to 10 over the same time period.
  • Nearly 50% lift in CTR on all email programs compared to initial single-brand newsletter.
  • Several dozen small to mid-range media pickups over 9 months.
  • Measurable increase in national name recognition.