Who we are - Nymble Content Marketing
Nymble is a boutique digital content marketing consultancy dedicated to a non-agency approach to agency thinking.
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Nymble is a decidedly different choice when it comes to effective content development. Founded by Lyle Smith, a highly experienced copywriter with deep experience producing measurable success for a wide range of clients from small business to Fortune 1000 corporations.

We believe the every element of developed content needs to be an inherent part of story our client needs to tell. Every piece of the story needs to support the primary message of a brand. So many agencies lose focus on this fundamental truth and fall into the rabbit hole of technology and design trends.

While all of these are tremendous tools for getting traction in the marketplace – we use them, too – but there’s a compelling elegance to a simple message that comes from honing a story to a sharp edge.

We’re located along the New Jersey Shore in Monmouth County’s Atlantic Highlands giving us access to many valuable partners in the “Silicon Beach” area stretching from Red Bank down into Asbury Park.

History & Expertise

We have concepted and created content and developed information architecture for clients in the financial, retail, technology and communications industries. Our focus is always on the audience with highly effective, action-oriented, SEO-targeted copy and we have particular expertise and a superior record of success in email, social media and rich media content creative.

That said, we have a deep history in print creative and span both worlds very comfortably. I understand what drives customer response in both realms.

Copy & Content Resource

Since we developed out of a freelance copywriting business, we also have a successful history of operating as a copy/content developer for other agencies as well. We’ve found that there are many agencies, particularly digital-specialists out there that either do not have their own copy resources on staff, or just don’t have a deep enough bench of copywriters to generate the content their clients require.

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